Crackling and Popping when using ReaTune in Reaper

TL;DR – If you’re experiencing crackling and popping in Reaper when you have ReaTune on a track, check that you don’t still have the track Record Armed. .

I was recording vocals into a project in Reaper recently, and even while I was singing I knew I missed a couple of notes. These were just scratch vocals that would be replaced later by someone who can actually achieve those notes, so after a couple of takes I decided to drop in ReaTune to tighten them up so I could get on with the rest of the track.

Just running the audio through ReaTune, even before adjusting anything, I could hear all sorts of crackling and popping in the audio. WTF?


Mapping a MIDI Controller to Reaper’s Transport Controls

Reaper constantly impresses me with how flexible and customisable it is. A simple example is its support for Actions. Pretty much every command you can invoke in the GUI (and a bunch more that you can’t) are defined as Actions. One of the nice things you can do with Actions is easily map them to hardware buttons on a MIDI controller (and on your computer keyboard as well).

As an example, my Axiom 25 has hardware Transport Controls, like this:

To map these to the Reaper Transport Controls is pretty straight-forward: (more…)

Configuring Reaper with the BCF2000

As part of my change from using Ableton Live to Reaper, last night it was time to tackle the MIDI configuration. The basic setup is:

  1. Axiom 25 connected via USB.
  2. BCF2000 connected via USB.
  3. FCB1010 and various bits of outboard gear (Midiverbs, SPX90’s, etc) connected via the MIDI Out/Thru and MIDI In of the BCF2000.

After a bit of time crawling around on the floor under my desk, I got all the above physically hooked up.

The Axiom 25 and the FCB1010/Outboard gear were very straightforward to setup in Reaper. Go to Options | Preferences | Audio | MIDI Devices and enable the Axiom for Input and the FCB1010/Outboard for Input and Output. Done.

The BCF2000 though was proving tricky to use in MIDI mode. I spent a bunch of time reading the mega-thread here and to be honest most options were sounding like they involved too much gaffer tape and fencing wire. (more…)