Gang of Four

Andy Gill : Gang of Four, Chili Peppers, Killing Joke, more… : TapeOp Interview

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Sometimes you get to meet people who were your heroes back when you were a teen. The first time a 16-year-old me heard Gang of Four, a “post punk” band from Leeds, England, the directness of the vocals, the taut rhythm section and slashing, stuttering guitars of Andy Gill made a huge and lasting impression. To be sitting in Andy Gill’s personal recording studio (in the Beauchamp Building, London) nearly 30 years later and finding him to be an engaging and interesting person was a treat. Not only is Andy an inspiring guitarist, but along the way he became a producer — not only with Gang of Four, but also on albums with The Jesus Lizard, The Futureheads, Michael Hutchence, Killing Joke, Red Hot Chili Peppers, We Are Standard, Asyl, Detlef Zoo, The Stranglers and The Young Knives.


RIP Andy Gill

Over the last few days I’ve been down a rabbit hole of reading interviews with various post-punk guitarists. A Keith Levine interview would lead me to one on Rowland S. Howard, which in turn would take me to Gang of Four, and on and on…

Then this morning I woke to the news that Andy Gill had passed away. I didn’t find Gang of Four until years after Entertainment! had been released, but his choppy, brittle, chaos-bubbling-beneath-the-surface guitar playing and his resolute vision of what the band was, and just as importantly, what they were not going to be, had a big impact on me. (more…)